About us

What is FavoRoads?

FavoRoads is a global, independent online platform which creates and offers driving routes & roads from around the world.

What is FavoRoads goal?

Their goal is to collect driving routes & roads on this free- and easy-to-use website. This way you can share your routes & enjoy roads you never knew existed, submitted by others.

What is FavoRoads vision?

FavoRoads’ vision is to become the best and biggest supplier of driving routes on the face of our planet.

How can FavoRoads reach this vision?

FavoRoads can only reach this vision if you help them. If you like making routes or if you know beautiful roads, than make sure your FavoRoads-companions can enjoy them as well. Simply add your routes & roads to the database, FavoRoads will do the rest! Thanks!

How was FavoRoads created?

FavoRoads was created thanks to people asking the founder for his routes. The founder got these routes via information from locals. After driving them himself he stored them in a paper archive. People started asking him for recommendations for routes, restaurants and hotels on their holiday destinations. By 2008 he collected so many routes that he decided to build a digital database. This way he could search and send routes easier.
In 2012 he made plans to build an easy, usable website, so every enthusiast can share & enjoy these routes.

Who is the founder?

Kaj: Founder & Epicurean. In his normal life he helps international companies with knowledge management. He makes sure knowledge is and stays within the company.
He loves driving and has a passion for cars. Being part of FavoRoads is a dream coming true. He is looking forward to driving your routes!
Kaj’s FavoRoads: Coast route St. Tropez – Monaco & Mullholland Hwy, California, USA.
E-mail: kaj[at]favoroads.com

Special thanks:
Fatih: Developer of FavoRoads. Fatih is responsible for building and maintaining the FavoRoads website. He worked out of his comfort zone to make sure the FavoRoads website is up for the task of pleasuring people. If you see any faults, make sure to contact Fatih via his personal e-mail.
Fatih’s FavoRoad: Boyabat Havza Yolu Highway in Turkey
E-mail: fatih[at]favoroads.com

Who else is in the team?

You are! This website exists because of enthusiasts like you, people who add their routes to FavoRoads to share them with others. Thanks to you other users can enjoy roads they would never find on their own. Thank you so much!

What can you find on FavoRoads?

Next to all the routes you can find related news-items. We also offer so-called FavoReviews. FavoReviews are stories about routes & roads featured on FavoRoads. These stories are written by FavoRoads-user. A FavoReview gives extra information about the route and the experience you get from driving it!

Like to be featured on FavoRoads?

E-mail: info[at]favoroads.com or contact the founder directly.