FavoReview: Biesbosch with the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Last September FavoRoads supplied a custom route for a charity run called Cars & Charity. FavoRoads does this in cooperation with Dutch Ferrari dealer Kroymans. On the day itself, when we don’t drive the route ourselves, we give visitors of the event a chance to drive along in a fantastic supercar or oldtimer. Not bad that they handed over the car a few days early!

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From the dealer in Hilversum you follow the highway to the city of Werkendam. This is a small municipality in the province of Brabant. Werkendam has a pretty special treat. It’s located near a national park called the Biesbosch. The perfect place to drive a special car!

This park was created when polder lands became submerged by lack of maintaining the old dikes. It was the only place where high tides coming from sea penetrated the land so deeply that it could reach these dike. After a severe storm from sea the riverdikes collapsed and only three area’s remained.

The island of Dordrecht, the land of Altena and the brakisch swamps of the Biesbosch. Most of the flooded area changed into a network of estuaries. But before the area looked anything like it is today it took a lot of changes over dozens of years.

For FavoRoads charity event Kroymans arranged a 730 horsepower Italian beauty, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The roads through the Biesbosch turn out to be quiet and beautiful. Stretches of straight asphalt interspersed with beautiful long corners. The Ferrari feels at home on these undulated roads. You can feel the tires gripping trough the corner. But you can also feel the weight pressing down on the car very good.

During the last century conditions in the Biesbosch changed. A lot of land got reclaimed and turned into polders. Also a new ship-canal was created to better distribute the flow of the river Rhine. It devides the Biesbosch into two parts (the lesser Biesbosch and the greater Biesbosch). As a result the Biesbosch lost its function as a river delta and now only receives water directly from the rivers in times of high discharges.

As the water level in September was high you could clearly see water on both sides of the road. The polder catches most of the water before it goes too far land-inwards. It results in a very beautiful landscape with open views, a lot of green and very pretty waterworks.

The route goes right through such a part of the Biesbosch, water on both sides of the road. The roads here are pretty narrow, so you’ll have to slow down and just enjoy the surroundings. This is something the F12 can also do without any trouble.

With about 60 km/h (35 mph) in 7th gear the F12 is quiet. It doesn’t challenge you all the time and cruising around seems what this car is made for. This is the best location to let Ansho shoot some pictures.

In its Rosso Scuderia red color it’s a jaw-dropping car to see in the evening sun. The light falls perfectly over the F12’s bodylines. From a distance you notice the Pininfarina design. You immediately understand why this car has such low drag values. It’s brilliant to understand why they fitted bumper-flaps and how they open using pure wind resistance. On higher speed these flaps tunnel air to the front brakes to cool them down. The rest is used to make sure more air goes to the diffuser to suck the car onto the road, which leads to better traction.

The day is over before you know it. The route is finished in Hank. Normally you drive from Hank back to Werkendam via a scenic route. This is absolutely recommended, because these road are worth the extra time!

The route knows a few speed bumps. Most of them are no problem, but a few are ‘lonely bumps’, which means you don’t expect one to come in the middle of nowhere.

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The Kroymans Ferrari F12 Berlinetta during the Cars & Charity Event driven by FavoRoads founder Kaj.

Special Thanks to:
Kroymans Automotive
Photography by Ansho Bijlmakers

FavoReview by Kaj

Beautiful Biesbosch (coming soon!)