FavoReview: Dike Route with the Porsche 991 Carrera 4S

Today the FavoRoad.com FaceBook-page hit the 250 like-mark! Because of this special occasion FavoRoads decided to threat you with the first FavoReview. FavoReviews are reviews about routes featured on FavoRoads.com. The reviews are made by the founders or by one of FavoRoads dearest users! It gives you extra insights into the details of a route and also the experience you can get from driving it. Last few weeks FavoRoads got a few offers from local brands/businesses to use their products in making these reviews. Thanks to these businesses Favoroads can give each FavoReview a special touch.


Today it’s time for the “Dike Route”, a route running through the county of Gelderland and the county of Utrecht, both in The Netherlands. It’s funny actually, because the dike on one side of the water runs through Gelderland and the other through Utrecht. These dikes are very important in the Dutch fight against water, as two thirds of the entire country is vulnerable to flooding.

What started out as a low embankment to protect crops against flooding grew to serious constructions, protecting complete counties with hundreds of villages against being wiped from the map. Because these dikes have to be checked regularly, the Dutch build dirt-roads on top of them. Local people also used them to get from A to B faster. Because of this most of these roads got paved over the years to prevent the dikes from being heavily damaged.

The dikes were constructed directly next to the water and, as you know, water will always use the path of least resistance to flow. The earlier dikes therefore have the natural curves of flowing water. That’s why they are such fun to drive. Holland has a lot of these “earlier” dikes by the way!

The “Dike Route”, as featured on FavoRoads, is located next to the river Nederrijn. The route uses such earlier built dikes, which means it has a lot of corners. Therefor it’s not suprising that this route is very populair, especially when the weather is good. The local Porsche dealer, Porsche Center Gelderland, which is located just a few kms/miles from this route, gave FavoRoads the keys to the latest edition of the new Porsche 911, the 991 Carrera 4S.

The combination of the 4-wheel drive system and the intense curvy sections in this route, make it a pleasure to drive! In automatic mode the double clutch gearbox is very comfortable and makes going through corners quickly an even so relaxing experience. But by hitting the Sport-plus button you turn this car into a beast! A valve in the exhaust opens, the automatic gearbox is put in its manual mode and via the paddles behind the steering wheel you can be a hooligan on demand! In this mode it literally eats corners, without you getting a unsafe feeling. It completely turns this car from a comfortable every day cruiser to a delightful drivers car!

For the best experience you start this route near Arnhem. You travel via the north-side dike via Wageningen and Rhenen to Wijk bij Duurstede. Along the way you find numerous terraces with beautiful views. At Wijk bij Duurstede we loaded the Porsche on the ferry, this is the best and cheapest way to go across the water. From there you follow the south-side of the dike, via Maurik, Opheusden and Heteren. We strongly recommend you to go to Porsche Center Gelderland’s candystore to take a look at one of the most beautiful Porsche inventories in The Netherlands!

From the Porsche Center it is only 15 km to the end of the route. It is absolutely worth to finish the route, as you come past a very important piece of the Dutch Deltaworks. At the village of Driel, you find a big adjustable weir, used to keep the watermark on the right height. It’s a very impressive object which looks like a piece of art.

Have Fun!

The whole route has perfect paved routes. There are a few speed-bumps, but the biggest part is without them. This route is also drivable during wintertime.

Special Thanks to:
Porsche Center Gelderland
Photography by Willem de Zeeuw

FavoReview by Brent & Kaj

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