FavoReview: Zeeland with the Porsche Cayman S

Yes! FavoRoads.com FaceBook page hit the 500 like-mark on our FaceBook-page! Thank you so much for helping! Because of this special occasion Porsche Center Rotterdam gave FavoRoads the opportunity to enjoy something special on the most beautiful roads in Zeeland (The Netherlands). A FavoReview of such a wonderful experience is off course unavoidable!

Parts of Zeeland with the Porsche Cayman S uitgelicht

In the south-west of The Netherlands you’ll find the province of Zeeland. It basically consists of a number of islands which are linked by numerous beautiful roads and bridges. The terrain is super-flat and large parts are below sea-level. This is where the Delta Works are known for, they make living below sea-level possible. Together with its countless beaches it makes the perfect destination for people who like to travel. It’s so popular in fact, that the population, during the summer season, can grow up to four times bigger than normal. The “Water-route” and especially the “Zeeland figure 8” are two of the most popular Dutch routes their are on FavoRoads.

In Zeeland you will find lots of roads parallel to the water. But another great item are the dozens of amazing polder-roads. FavoRoads decided to use a combination of a few routes in the area to give you a good example of how you can enjoy Zealand by car or motorcycle. Because Porsche Center Rotterdam is dealer for the province of Zeeland, we had the honor to use their brand-new, fully equipped Porsche Cayman S for the review.

From the Porsche Center, which is located on the Landaulettestraat in Rotterdam, we drove to our starting point in the city of Tholen in Zeeland. This is a 60 km journey via the highway. A good opportunity to try and learn everything there is about the new Cayman. With the suspension in ‘soft mode’ and the cruise-control enabled you notice what a comfortable car it is. It has the famous PDK (Porsche’s double clutch-system) and in 7th gear the engine does just a couple thousand RPM, nice and quiet. In the meanwhile it’s good to try and figure out where all the buttons are for. A lot of them completely change the cars handling and driving-experience.

In comparison with it’s predecessor the new Cayman has a few extra horsepower and lower weight. It’s not only faster, but also cleaner for the environment and a lot more economical. The 60 km’s (37 miles) solid driving to Tholen gaves us an average consumption of just 8,2 l/100 km (34 MPG). Very good for a 300+ horsepower sportscar!

From Tholen the first part of the route navigates over some sweeping polder-roads. On these roads it is easy to look far ahead, so you can prepare for what is coming. This off course makes it possible to enjoy the corners more! This new Cayman obviously is completely in its element. You can drive it as it wants to be driven… Hard! The chassis of the Cayman feels more solid through these corners than its predecessor. After some research on the side of the road this statement is confirmed, the new Cayman has a 40% stiffer chassis, something you will definitely notice. The best way to experience this is while driving in ‘Sport Plus’ mode. The engine-management, gearbox, all responses and suspension are automatically set on ‘rock-hard’. You get the impression that the chassis lifts one of the front-wheels off the ground when you accelerate it out of a corner. It is so hard that it will eventually disintegrate your spine. So, taking this mode to a racetrack will probably make you very happy!

After messing with all the modes and setting-combinations you will find your ultimate set-up. The normal ‘sport’ and normal ‘suspension’ button ‘on’. This makes the car alert, the gearshifts quick and seamless and the suspension hard, without it being too much. Perfect for these Zeeland-roads! The car now feels like a part of your body, doing immediately and exactly what you want, gripping the asphalt like a train on tracks. It feels so balanced, almost over-engineerd, with very little under- and oversteer.

Between the corners it’s a fast, but not insanely fast car. The lower RPM’s don’t deliver as much power as you would want. You need to keep shifting to keep the Cayman in the higher rev-area. FavoRoads really like these kind of engines, they make it a very enjoyable and true drivers car. On these roads, in the PDK’s manual mode, you are constantly busy shifting through the gears to keep it above 5.000 rpm. When you do the sound of the crying flat-sixe is so joyfull. Straight stretch! Accelerate, 3th, 4th, brake, back to 3th, corner, accelerate, 4th, brake, back to 3th, corner… BAM! Just awesome! What an exciting little car!

Before you know it you enter the famous Oysterdam. This is a very pretty part to drive, with water on both sides of the road. The road is build directly on top of a large dam. The Oysterdam was built to keep water from entering the main land. It also keeps the waterlevel in the city of Yerseke higher. Thanks to this the Dutch can keep growing their famous Dutch Oysters.

The last part of the route navigates you trough the city of Bergen op Zoom, which is a part of the provice of Brabant. A nice historic place with an annual Cars & Charity Event for which FavoRoads is the route-supplier. The Cayman receives a lot of attention driving down the streets. You can imagine someone feeling proud to own one. The last few kilometers back to Tholen give you the time to make a final verdict about the new Cayman.

It is a wonderful car which will give you the fun of owning a true drivers-car. A lot of people compare the Cayman with the 911. If you have driven it you will understood why. These two come so close that choosing one will come down to choosing between practicality vs. emotion. Good luck with that!

No specific notes, just go to Zeeland and drive around. Everyrhing is beautiful there! Oh, don’t forget to eat oysters in the city of Yerseke!

Special Thanks to:
Porsche Center Rotterdam
Jacco Vos for helping

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