The Round of Zacharo, Greece

The Round of Zacharo

108 km / 67 miles – 3 to 4 hours – Greece

This driving road is located in the south of Greece, close to the Gulf of Kyparissia. The gasstation along the E55 (or road 9) in the town Zacharo is the start of this route. A town know for its international olive oil production. From there you follow the E55 southwards. After 8 km/5 miles you go left at the church to follow a lovely winding road through a mountain area. You will pass numerous small towns, but also a few beautiful open spaces. It’s called ‘The Round of Zacharo’, because the start and finish are in the same town.


Zacharo – Drakos – Lepreo – Faskomilia – Nea Figaleia – Petralona – Koufopoulo – Rama –Vresto – Minthi – Arini – Zacharo


Remember, these roads are in Greece… Meaning the quality of the roads can be very bad (or they’re not there at all). Anyhow, keep your eyes open!

Photo: “kostasgior”